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These booking terms & conditions are a legal agreement between the customers and the company, We Trek Nepal (Travel Services Provider) for booking a trip with us. By booking trips with Classic Vacations Nepal, customers agree and accept all the terms and conditions mentioned at this booking terms and conditions page. 

Booking Confirmation:
Your trip bookings are confirmed only when you will receive a booking confirmation email from We Trek Nepal upon receiving the deposit payment of your trip to us. 

Payments Option: 
We trek Nepal Nepal has two forms of payment option. Deposit payment & Final payment. 

Deposit Payment: ( 20% Deposit Payment) 
We Trek Nepal requires 20% deposit payment while booking a trip with us. Deposit payments are non refundable and non transferable. Once deposit payment is received, then only your trip booking is confirmed.

For Bhutan and Tibet Tour, 40% deposit payment is necessary to confirm your booking with us. Deposit payment could be paid by bank wire transfer or pay online via visa card, master card, Amex card or credit card. 

Final Payment/ Balance Payment: ( 80% Balance Payment) 
Final payment is payable when you will reach Kathmandu for Nepal trips. By the first day of your trip, you must pay the final payment of your trip to We Trek Nepal. Final payment could easily be paid by bank wire transfer or pay online via visa card, master card, Amex card or credit card. However if using a card for final payment, card surcharge fees of 3.5 % extra will be applied. 

For Bhutan & Tibet trips, final payment should be paid 3 weeks prior to your trip departure date or as directed by the company at the time of your booking a Tibet & Bhutan trip. 

Payment Option:
You could pay deposit and balance/final payment by two different methods. Both methods are provided here so you could pay by the convenient method that suits you.

Payment Online: ( Visa card, Master Card, Amex Card, Credit Card etc.)
Please click this link to pay online for trips to We Trek Nepal. Online payment is safe and secured by visa system- 
https://wetreknepal.com/card-payment (Choose your package and continue to pay)

Trip Prices: 
Trip prices listed at Classic Vacations Nepal packages are per person, and are based on double occupancy basis, unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change. Our trip prices are in US Dollars. Trip prices are land price only so you are responsible for booking your international flights to/ from Nepal. 

Trip Cancellation & Refund Policy: (Nepal Trip)
If you cancel your trip at the last minute due to an emergency or any other cause at your side, you will lose your deposit of 20% payment made to us. If you have already paid a full payment to your trip with us, in such a case, 20% of your trip cost will be a cancellation cost which is non refundable, but 80% of your trip cost will still stay with us as your money and this could be used for your future trip with us. In addition, you could use the remaining money for a trip to your family or friends who will be booking a trip with us.

Trip Cancellation: (Bhutan & Tibet Trip)
At the event of last minute cancellation of Bhutan and Tibet trip due to emergency or any other reason, you will lose 40% deposit payment. If Bhutan & Tibet trips are canceled 15 days prior to your trip departure date, you will lose the full trip cost. 

Trip Canceled By Company:
In the event of natural disasters, strikes, wars, riots, government intervention or weather conditions or any other reason beyond our control, the company deserves the right to cancel your trip booked with us. On such cancellation, the company will refund you the trip cost but cancellation of flight, permit etc. will still be applied if it was issued already and is non refundable. In addition, you are offered to take an alternative trip of the same value.

Changes on Itinerary & Change of Packages:
Once you are booked for a trip, if you wish to change the itinerary of the trip or if you wish to change a trip, you should write us an email verifying this request, and we shall have no trouble to amend your itinerary. However, if you change the trip ( If at a different destination), trip change cost may be applied. We shall confirm this depending on the types of the trip change you will request with us. 

Trip Amendment:
If you wish to amend your trip 15 days prior to your departure date, you will be able to amend the trip with an amendment fee of US$- 100 per person. Last minute trip amendments for Bhutan & Tibet will usually not be available. 

Incomplete Trip:
If you could not complete your trip once it has started or if you shorten your trip due to your personal interest or whatever the reason, we are not liable for any refund of the trip services that are not used.

Children in a Trip:
Travelers who are below 18 years old should be accompanied by their family members or with one of their relatives to join our trips.

Travel Insurance:
You must have an appropriate travel insurance policy to travel with any of our tours. Your travel insurance should have coverage for medical expenses, emergency air ambulance, helicopter evacuation and trip cancellation. You should always carry proof of your travel insurance with you on the trip. 

Covid-19 full vaccination is a must to travel to himalayan country of Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. You should carry a proof of your Covid-19 vaccination with you at the time of entry to these countries.  In addition, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria, Rabies, Typhoid, Yellow Fever vaccine are highly recommended for traveling to Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. 

Passport & Visa Information: 
You must have a valid passport and should obtain appropriate visas when traveling with Classic Vacations Nepal to its trips to Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. For a Nepal visa, you could obtain it at your arrival to Kathmandu for the trip. You could also obtain your Nepal Visa from the Nepalese embassy, consulate prior to your arrival. If you are booking a Bhutan trip with us, Bhutan Visa will be our responsibility. If you are booking a Tibet Tour with us, and departing via Nepal, we will issue your Chinese and Tibet visa. But if you are joining our Tibet Tour, arriving via mainland China to Tibet, a Chinese Visa is your own responsibility.

Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond your trip days. 

Health & Medical Conditions:
You should be in good health, mentally and physically fit to plan any trip with We Trek Nepal. If you have any pre-medical condition, or disability, you should let us know prior to your trip booking with us. We deserve not to take you on our trip if your medical condition is extremely poor or the trip does not suit your disability.

For pre-medical conditions or any disability person, we may request you to provide us with your doctor's advice and certificate certifying that you are fit for your trip to be booked with us.

Risks Involved: 
Your trip safety is our first priority while traveling on any of our trips, but you should understand the fact that adventure travel in mountainous countries of Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan, especially trekking and mountaineering has high risk of injury, accident and health issues involved due to walking in rough mountain terrain and altitude. Classic Vacations Nepal will not be liable for any inquiry, accident, sickness, health conditions, loss or damage of your goods and any other suffering during the trip with us.  

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