20 May 2022

Start your big adventure with Wetrek Nepal

Traveling is the muse of human existence. It provides a window to comprehend the world more deeply and reflect upon ourselves. The road to understanding oneself is difficult but fear not, we, Wetrek Nepal are here to make your journey easier. Relax and let’s take a look at how we shall aid you in your odyssey.

  1. Experienced managers

The people running Wetrek Nepal are pioneers in the tourism industry with loads of experience. As they have been in this field for so long, they know every aspect of trekking and traveling. When you travel with them, you can relax knowing that you are in good hands. In most cases, there is a fear that the tour operators might not match the expectations set by the traveler. On the contrary, the service provided by the managers in Wetrek will be more than you can hope for.


The best way to check whether they are true to their word is by taking treks organized by them like the Annapurna Base Camp trek.


2. Well-trained staff


For a machine to run smoothly, each component must function smoothly. Likewise, for an organization to function efficiently, the workers must perform well too. At WeTrek, we believe that our staffs are our greatest pride. With that in mind, we have trained them and looked after their needs.

Their training can be seen when you take a tour with them. Our guides and porters know their way around precarious situations and can make the trip enjoyable too. Once you travel with them, you’ll be amazed at their knowledge and friendliness. For example, you can take the Manasalu trek to understand what I’m talking about.
The people you meet while traveling is an essential component of having a great adventure. We at Wetrek make sure that you do not miss out on it.

3. Price and Services


When it comes to having a great adventure, ultimately, you have to consider the monetary factors. You can deny its existence but it all comes down to money. At Wetrek, we understand your situation and offer you the best packages at the best price. Once you compare these prices with other service providers, you’ll find them pretty reasonable.


Furthermore, you’ll be surprised as to the array of services that we include in that cost. We won’t go into many details but it is more than you have hoped for. You can find it out right now by comparing the Khopara trek. You’ll be shocked by the price difference and facilities that we incorporate.


4. Different type of activities


It would be foolish for you to presume that we only provide trekking services. We provide different services like sightseeing tours, mountain expeditions, cycling tours, and short hikes. This way, you can choose which adventure you want to be a part of. Furthermore, if you travel with us time and again, you’ll receive certain benefits. They are both monetary and non-monetary. 
If you want to find out what it is, then after completing any sightseeing tour, take part in any trek. For example, you can take the Mardi Himal trek after completing the sightseeing tour.   
The key ingredient to have an adventurous trek is finding a worthy travel companion. We promise to be the companion that you are searching for and we promise to make this adventure the best time of your life.

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