04 October 2022

Manasalu Trekking

The Manasalu trek is considered as the utopia for travel fanatics throughout the world. Its allure lies on the fact that it is still unexplored and holds many mysteries. The mythical Manasalu mountain stands as the divine protector of the Manasalu region and foresees every activity. This blog shall give you a brief idea about trekking in Manasalu and what you’ll see during your journey.

Before we dwell further into our topic, let’s take a look at the highlight reel.

  • Resting at the Tatopani hot water springs
  • Admiring surreal views of snow-capped mountains like Ganesh Himal, Manasalu, and Ngadi Chuli
  • Walking on the banks of the Budi Gandaki river and dense forests
  • Exploring the antique Samagaon and other ancient settlements
  • Crossing the adventurous Larkya La Pass and witnessing the amazing view

After reading the highlights, I’m sure that you want to take this trek. Don’t rush as we shall further explain its antiquities. Fun fact, the classic Tsum valley trek also follows some parts of the Manasalu region. So, after finishing the blog, you will have some knowledge regarding the Tsum valley as well.


Like many famous treks, the Manasalu Trek initiates from Kathmandu. Explore the nitty-gritty details of Kathmandu and then head to Sotikhola via a bus. Understand the Nepalese road condition on the journey followed by walking on the banks of the Budi Gandaki river. There is so much to see in this trek and we are just getting started.

Likewise, we shall observe small rice terraces and huge rocky cliffs till Maccha Khola. Climb the lengthy stairs on the road to Jagat and descend rapidly before resting at g. From here, the trail becomes remote and scary. Admire the immaculate picture of mountains like Himal Chuli, Ngadi Chuli, Manasalu, and even Mardi Himal. Finally, we reach Namrung.

The villages like Lho, Sho, and Shyala are heavily influenced by Tibetan culture and traditions. As a result, you might find it a bit weird at times. Visit the Ribung Gompa, Pungyen Gompa, and once you walk past the mani walls, you reach Samdo. It is the final resting spot before conquering the Larkya La Pass. The Pass will test you immensely and once you earn its respect, you will descend to Bhimthang, Tiliije, and ultimately, Tal.

Observe the gorgeous waterfall in Tal and head to Syamje. From here, head back to Kathmandu to end this 18-day ordeal.


During this trek, you will reside in teahouses. Lodges are very rare in the Manasalu wilderness so you will have to make do with teahouses. However, they contain facilities like a warm bed, hot shower, and in some places, the internet. So, there isn’t much to complain about. In terms of food, you will eat rice, dhido, and roti. Fancy foods and sweets are not available here so you should carry them with you.



The Manasalu region and the Annapurna region lie nearby. Once you complete the trekking in the Manasalu region, you can choose to take the Annapurna Base Camp trek. Both treks are similar in terms of duration, geography, and natural beauty. Also, the cost is somewhat similar.

If you want to explore the less ventured trails, then be a part of the Khopra trek. It is a recently opened trail and sees less traffic in comparison to other popular trekking paths.

Trekking in the Manasalu region is bound to leave you with plentiful memories that you will cherish for a long time. Happy trekking!

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