22 December 2021

Buddhist circuit tour and its relationship with a yoga retreat in Nepal

The Buddhist circuit tour is one of those rare treks that amalgamate adventure and culture. This amazing journey will take you through the critically acclaimed Buddhist sites that reside in Nepal. Feast your eyes on the ancient relics and scriptures that speak Buddhism and experience a spiritual awakening too. In addition, you’ll understand the link between yoga and the secrets to a happy life. 


Everybody knows that the founder of Buddhism Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. With that in mind, the birthplace of the Lord is seen as holy by his followers. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit Nepal intending to learn more about Buddhism and enrich their minds. While some may be successful, others are not that lucky. To ensure that you get the most out of this trip, we bring you the Buddhist circuit tour.

Like the Bhutan cultural tour, here you will explore the major landmarks of Buddhism situated inside and outside Kathmandu. These sites will tell you about the secrets that envelop Buddhism and all you have to do is listen properly. So, without further ado, we bring to you the itinerary:



Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu 

Day 2: Kathmandu valley sightseeing 

Day 3: Visiting Boudhanath, Kapan Gumba, and Namobuddha 

Day 4: Drive to Lumbini

Day 5: Drive from Lumbini to Sravasti

Day 6: Drive from Sravasti to Kushinagar

Day 7: Head back to Lumbini 

Day 8: Fly back to Kathmandu 

Day 9: Departure 


Bear in mind that this itinerary is subject to changes depending upon your needs and requirements. If you have any doubts regarding this itinerary, be sure to contact us.


If you are wondering whether this cultural tour will be complex like the Makalu base camp trek, then you might be wrong. The Buddhist circuit tour is relatively easy and you won’t have to do lots of walking. The most walking you have to do is while climbing the stairs to Swoyambhunath or exploring the monasteries in Lumbini! So, fret not, we have got you covered.



Another important aspect that you need to take into account while taking this tour, is the option of yoga. I believe that I do not have to explain the meaning of yoga as it has taken the world by storm. For those of you who don’t know, I’ll explain it to you in simple terms. It is an exercise that aims to connect the physical being with the spiritual entity. However, it is easier said than done!


If you take the Annapurna Panaroma cultural trek, you will get the opportunity to combine yoga and trekking. The only difference between that and our circuit tour is that we will be practicing yoga in the Terai plains. Although the ambiance might be a bit different, the magic of yoga is the same.

You have the liberty of choosing the time in which you want to practice yoga. In most cases, we do yoga in the morning ad then head out to explore. But, if you feel that you perform better at night, then we can make arrangements for yoga at night too. Normally, the yoga session ranges from an hour or two. 


The session comprises inhaling, exhaling, and a lot of stretching. You may find the first two days to be rigorous and taxing. But, as you proceed further, it becomes easier and more fun. Likewise, the trainer will teach you about ancient yoga history and how yoga flourished throughout the world. It will be an eye-opener for you.


Finally, you will be able to link Buddhism and yoga together which will help you get a clearer picture of the world around you.




The Buddhist circuit tour is a tour that you must take if you want to experience the magic and mysteries behind Buddhism. After completing this tour, you will feel that your outlook towards life has changed. You will be able to focus on the things that truly matter. 

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