13 April 2023

5 Reasons to Trek to the Everest Base Camp

It is an established fact that Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trekking adventures in the world. But did you really know what made this adventure so popular? We have brought here some reasons to trek to the Everest base camp. If you are wondering what you will look for if you ever go to Everest base camp trek, this post will answer your questions.

Although the name of the adventure itself is a complete answer with ample reasons to go for, knowing what lies there, in advance, will make it even more wonderful. This adventure is certainly not an easy thing to do but with all the awesome things that come along make this trip utterly desirable.

Here are the Reasons to Trek to the Everest Base Camp

If we keep on talking about the wonders in the Everest region, it can go a long way. So, we are talking about the main highlights of the trip that are the main reasons to trek to the Everest base camp.

#1 Everest Base Camp

As we have mentioned earlier, the name of the trip itself is a complete reason to go for the adventure. The trek definitely takes you to the Everest Base Camp, the base camp of the highest mountain in the world.

And who would not want to go all the way to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world if they could. But, yes, thousands of people trek to the Everest base camp for the sheer reason. What more would you wish for if you are getting the chance to stand at the Everest base camp? But don’t worry; there are certainly several other reasons to trek to Everest base camp.

#2 Kalapatthar

When you talk about the Everest base camp trek, Kalapatthar surely makes into the itinerary. Wondering what is Kalapatthar and why is it so famous? We have the answer for you here.

Kalapatthar is black rocky mountain that is also a vantage point to enjoy the mountain panorama of the Everest. Standing atop at the elevation of 5,545 meters above sea level just above Gorakshep and Everest base camp, Kalapatthar is a hiking destination for the view. This point is also the highest elevation of the trek. If you don’t include Kalapatthar in your itinerary or skip the hike, you will surely miss the highlight of the adventure.

#3 Sherpa Lifestyle

Everest region is the home to the famous Sherpa people. The Sherpa culture and lifestyle in the region is unique and inspiring to indulge into. As soon as you land at the Lukla airport, you will be in the Sherpa land. And for all the trekking days, you will be walking through the Sherpa region.

Their mountain lifestyle and culture inspired by Buddhism is quite fascinating. Experiencing the rich cultural life of these brave Sherpa people is surely an alluring reason to go to the Everest.

#4 Pristine Nature and the Wilderness

You will be mesmerized by the pristine nature that you will walk along in the mountains. The trail passes through such wonderfully beautiful natural surroundings that you will forget the tiredness of walking.

As you trek higher, the mountain wilderness adds more excitement and charm in the atmosphere. You will enjoy the wilderness and nature as you trek higher up towards the destination – Everest base camp.

#5 Breathtaking Views of the Mountains

While you are trekking in the Everest region, you will surely have fascinating views of the snow-capped mountains. Right from the beginning of the trek till the end, the Himalayan peaks will keep you mesmerized.

Undoubtedly, the views of the mountains make the trip wonderful. Getting to enjoy the mountain views can be a fantastic reason to take you on the Everest base camp trek.


We have mentioned here the 5 main highlights that make the trek to Everest base camp so popular. However, these 5 are not the only reasons. There are several other wonderful things that you will experience during the trek.

If you have ever got the smallest of a thought of going on the adventure, you will undoubtedly love this trip. You will surely enjoy and experience the awesomeness of walking to the Mt. Everest and through the mountains.

Write to us if you found these reasons enough to appeal you for the adventure.

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