The Annapurna region is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal, located in the north-central part of the country. The region is named after the Annapurna mountain range, which includes several peaks over 8,000 meters high, including Annapurna I, the tenth highest mountain in the world.

The Annapurna region is known for its natural beauty, including majestic peaks, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls. The region is also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the elusive snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, and red panda. Visitors to the region can experience the unique culture and traditions of the Gurung, Magar, and Thakali ethnic groups.

Trekking is the most popular activity in the Annapurna region. The Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the most popular and challenging treks in the region, which takes you through remote villages, high mountain passes, and rugged terrain. The trek provides a unique opportunity to experience the local culture, as it passes through several traditional villages of the Gurung and Thakali ethnic groups.

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